.As you may know it is difficult to find a reliable and quality after-school Program.  Most programs are little more than a babysitting service with no structured plan to help improve your child's health, grades, confidence, focus, respect, and leadership skills!

Here at U.S. TaeKwonDo we have the solution for you! To help you solve this problem, we have established a Martial Arts After-School Program to give your child everything they need and more. We will pick-up and then transport your child to our After-School location. We will then arrange for then to have a nice healthy snack. Then be provided with quiet time to do homework. They will also be participating in character building activities, going to the library, and best of yet their TaeKwonDo Lessons are included! Students are picked up at approximately at 6:00pm.

          We would like to develop the character in your children and prepare them as best as possible for what ever may come their way. Our staff is certified and experienced trained Instructors who will dedicate themselves to the development of your child(ren).