Develop the self-confidence and discipline to unlock wellness for your mind, body and spirit.  Learn from the best!

Values & Benefits Of TaeKwonDo


Children who take Martial Arts learn to concentrate. In fact, we can't even begin teaching kicks, punches or blocks until we have a child's full attention. It's our first order of business. You'll often hear the teachers say: "Eyes on Who," to which the kids respond: "Eyes on you Sir!" You can count on us help your child develop this valuable skill.


We sincerely believe that exercise is every bit as important as taking a bath, or brushing your teeth. Kids who train with us develop a healthy, flexible, strong body. We teach kids to get into the habit of exercising and watching their diet. There's no better time than now to learn this valuable practice.

   There are many adults who want to get into shape but feel intimidated by the gym atmosphere. Come train in a fun supportive environment and learn a valuable skill in the process in our adult classes. You do not need to be "in good shape" to start TaeKwonDo. TaeKwonDo is taught in increments. The skills you learn as a white belt anyone can do with little former training, but they provide a foundation to build on so that before you know it you are doing things that you never thought were possible.   


You develop muscle by continuously pushing your body's limits, going beyond what they're capable of, they adjust and you become bigger and stronger, Building confidence is just the same. Martial Arts teach kids to go beyond what they think they're capable of. It challenges them physically and mentally. Each new belt, each board broken, every sparring match helps the child become stronger and more confidant, this confidence is used in every aspect of their lives. School, sports and eventually in the workplace. Martial Arts are the perfect tool that teaches confidence!


Martial Arts were originally designed so that a smaller person could successfully defend himself or herself against a larger person. The combination of strength, balance and proper technique allows anyone who trains in Martial Arts a substantial advantage over those who do not. Kids who train in our school can walk with confidence through their schools and neighborhoods. The school bully will look elsewhere. Strangers will be frustrated trying to lure them away. Your child will have the ability to spot danger, avoid if possible, and defend themselves if needed.

     Learning self-defense is not just having the ability to physically defend yourself, but to be able to assess a situation and decide if it's OK to proceed, or if there's a need to run. US TaeKwonDo teaches that fighting is a last resort, but if comes down to making a choice between fighting or getting hurt that you will be properly equipped to protect yourself and your loved ones.  


Martial Arts success is base on Goal Setting; the belt system in our program systematically teaches kids to work toward an objective, allocation time for practice and ultimately rewarding their efforts with a new belt. This structured system helps them with their schoolwork as well as sports. Goal setting is a skill we spend quite a bit of time developing. Success without Goal Setting is just luck. We feel our belt system provides the proper structure to teach children and adults that "you accomplish much when making small steps". 


A No-Quit attitude is a must and it's prevalent here at our school. We call can’t and Quit 4 letter words around here. Dealing with failure and bouncing back from disappointment is what separates champions from losers. Our Black Belt Success System will teach you how to over-come obstacles and challenges. Leading you down the path to success. 


Self-Discipline isn't something that you either have or don't have. It's something you develop. Every day we make hundreds of decisions choosing one thing or another. Donut or grapes. Coffee or water, hamburger or salad, television or dojang? In TaeKwonDo we help you develop the habit of making healthy decisions with our exercise habits, circle of friends, and general support system. Once you learn that having Self-Discipline is simply about making thoughtful choices, taking time to evaluate options and having the strength to make the right ones rather than the easiest or fastest ones. When you build your self-discipline, you'll look forward to challenges because of the awesome power you'll feel in meeting them head-on and defeating them. Self-Discipline will give you the knowledge that you are in control of your life and everything that happens to you!

     The benefits of Martial Arts for adults go way beyond what's been listed here. Earning a Black Belt is a major achievement a person can acquire during their lifetime. There's a synergy and exponential dynamic that allows the Black Belt to become successful, happy and fulfilled in every aspect of their lives. Earning a Black Belt is truly a LIFE CHANGING EVENT!